Deep Water started with the idea of a church that connected with people who aren't into church as usual,


A community where people with little or no religious background could explore what it means to follow Jesus.  In 2007, a group of committed individuals gathered regularly to dream, pray, and plan.  On November 4, 2007 the adventure went live with our first worship gathering in Cineplex 8 Park Lane on Spring Garden Road.

In the time since then, we've continued to grow and develop with ministries like small groups, Upstream (our kids' ministry), ReachOut (our local and international outreach program) and Celebrate Recovery.  We continue to pursue our mission to help people become passionate followers of Jesus Christ.  In 2013 we purchased the old North Street Church, and have since renovated it and moved all our operations there. 


AJ Thomas

Lead Pastor

AJ grew up in Sussex, so you won't be surprised to find out that he loves cows. In 2007, he led the team that planted Deep Water, and with the exception of a 2-year stint in the U.S. has been serving as Lead Pastor.  He's a gifted communicator and leader, and he serves and leads with humility and God-given insight.  He loves hearing people's stories, loves seeing transformation and life change, and loves taking big, risky steps of faith to see God's kingdom move forward in Halifax.  In his free time you'll find him in his woodshop restoring some old, rusty tools or snuggling his teensy-tiny chihuahua, Elly.


Bradford Rogers

Assistant Pastor

Bradford hails from Baltimore, Maryland.  He graduated from Kingswood University in 2015 with a BA in pastoral ministry.  Bradford is passionate about seeing people who are far from God experience the beauty of his love and grace through a relationship with Jesus.  Bradford leads our student ministry, Riptide, our Host Team, and Genesis, and brings warmth, love and enthusiasm to everything he does.  Bradford is married to Ashlee, they have three amazing kids, two cats and a dog. Bradford is a faithful Baltimore Ravens fan, and chicken wings are his love language.


Megan Swan

Pastor of Discipleship

Megan joined us in August of 2018 all the way from central Indiana.  She graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with a Bachelor of Arts in Chrisitan Ministry and holds a Masters' Degree in Practical Theology.  Megan is passionate about helping people figure out what their next steps are in there journey with Jesus, and she loves to cheer other people on as they discover their identity, passion, and role as a part of God's family.  Some of her favourite things are engaging in conversation with new friends, coffee and geeking out over scripture - and when those three things overlap it's a party!  In her spare time, Megan loves to explore and  try new things, whether that's snacking on tarantula in Cambodia or searching for hiking spots and the best sushi in her new hometown, Halifax.



Jacqui Hill

Pastor of Children's Ministry

Jacqui grew up in Windsor, NS, but has always had a love for the big city of Halifax.  She’s been in children’s ministry since she was too old to be one of the children, and has pastored in Ontario, the Maritimes, and in Indiana.  Jacqui is passionate about teaching kids how much Jesus loves them, leads Upstream Kids and Puddles Nursery with creativity and loves children deeply.  In fact, she might look past you to greet your kids first - they’re her favorite! But parents, she’s here for you, too. She’s married to Trevor and they have two daughters. In addition to her family and serving Jesus, Jacqui loves dark chocolate, decaf coffee and PUPPIES!


Geoff Fifield

Worship Director

Geoff is a hometown Haligonian and has been on staff at Deep Water since 2009.  He serves as our worship and tech director, and is responsible for pulling together all the awesome stuff that happens on Sunday mornings.  He's not only an incredibly talented musician but is also a fantastic worship leader, and is passionate about raising up other worship leaders as well.  Geoff is married to Carolyn, and they have three fantastic kids and one ridiculously fluffy dog.  When he's not tinkering with sound gear or playing music, he loves to play nerdy board games and walk his fluffball.  I mean dog.


Shaun MacKenzie

Celebrate Recovery

Shaun officially came on staff at Deep Water in 2017, but has been serving as the director for Celebrate Recovery and in many other ministry areas for years.  He's passionate about seeing people find freedom through CR, and is a dedicated Christ-follower with an amazing story of transformation (ask him sometime!)  In addition to the countless hours he puts in at Deep Water, Shaun also serves as the Assistant Coordinator for the Halifax Community Chaplaincy Society.  Shaun is married to Shelley and when they're not being CR superheroes, you can find them off on adventures together enjoying the ocean.


Kelly Thomas

Pastor of Operations

Kelly grew up in Pennsylvania, but has called the Maritimes home for the last 20 years.  She serves as Pastor of Administration and Communication, and she humbly and consistently makes things happen using her administrative super powers.  Her loving honesty and ability to laugh at herself immediately creates a safe atmosphere which perfectly reflects what the church should be like, mostly while wearing yoga pants and drinking too much coffee.  She's married to AJ, and together they have three teenage boys and an unofficially adopted adult daughter who lets them love her