Deep Water Church is an 11-year-old, fast-growing church located in the downtown core of Halifax, Nova Scotia. We are a fun, vibrant, younger, multi-ethnic, congregation that is passionate about reaching our city for Jesus.  This fall we will launch a second location in Dartmouth and a third the following year in the Beechville-Lakeside-Timberlea area. 

Halifax is a historic harbour city that is home to several universities, hospitals, military bases, head offices, and is the provincial capital of Nova Scotia. It is also the hub of immigration on the east coast of Canada (imagine a cross between Boston and Portland, but in Canada). The culture of Halifax is diverse but is generally liberal, post-christian, and at times even hostile towards church and Christianity, and so it’s a great place to minister.

Over the past three years, our youth ministry has grown from a group of 5-8 teens to a crew of 65-80 most youth nights with a great team of leaders. It’s a diverse group made up of teens from our church and no church and some who attend churches in the are that don’t have a youth ministry. We serve teens who come from model families and nightmare homes and everything in between. 

We are seeking the next leader for our youth ministry. We are looking for someone who is fun and creative but who also knows how to build teams and structures and develop leaders - both adult and teen, someone who connects well with youth but realizes that their ultimate impact comes through the volunteers they lead, and someone who does not just want to keep teens busy but wants to make disciples of people who happen to be in Jr/Sr High. 

We are looking for someone who also wants to be a part of what God is doing at Deep Water and in the city of Halifax, someone who owns our mission and loves our church culture (see list of Cultural Values below) and who wants to join an amazing staff team as we work together to help people become passionate followers of Jesus Christ.

To submit your resume please email Lead Pastor AJ Thomas at 

Cultural Values of Deep Water Church

Mission Fixation 

  • We exist for those who are not here yet. Everything we do and every decision we make must answer to our mission to help people become passionate followers of Jesus Christ. We are obsessively intentional, brutally strategic, and incessantly focused on pursuing the mission.

Radical Welcome

  • We do everything within our power to make new people feel comfortable, loved, and accepted. We avoid awkward and cringe-y moments. No matter who you are or where you come from we want you to feel welcome and at home.

Raw and Real

  • We are unpolished and unpretentious. We don’t hide our faults. We don’t do masks. We aren’t into churchy. We don’t have a “Sunday best.”  We share our stories. We laugh and have fun. We cry and confess. We give each other permission to be ourselves. 

All In

  • We don’t do things half way. We boldly preach the gospel and proclaim Jesus as both Saviour and Lord. We unapologetically challenge people to give their whole lives in discipleship and service. We shamelessly pursue excellence, impact, and effectiveness.

Transformative Grace

  • We believe that God can actually transform someone and make them new. We believe in fresh starts. We believe that sinners can become saints and that the broken can be made whole, and so we anticipate that in others and pursue it in ourselves.

Kingdom Community

  • We believe following Jesus is a team sport, and so we do discipleship and recovery and life and leadership in community. We work for healthy relationships. We want to be the kind of Kingdom community that is only made possible by our unity in Christ.

Adventurous Faith

  • We believe following Jesus is an adventure. We go to the hard places and do the difficult things. We love being on the bleeding edge and taking faith filled risks. We have a blast advancing the Kingdom and celebrate the victories like crazy.