This is luvHaiti

Carl & Maya

Since launching in 2009, luvHaiti has been a focal point of Deep Water’s international outreach. Through our partnerships with local missionaries, Carl & Maya Giles, as well as Pastor Jeannot, Deep Water continues to fund and support five initiatives; each with the intent of building local capacity and spreading the gospel.                                                           

Equip Haiti provides training to young leaders; empowering them to be effective in their area of ministry, communities and personal relationships.

Petion Ville Wesleyan Scholarship Program awards funding to post-secondary students who are active in their church community and require financial support to continue their technical training.

The luvHaiti MicroBank is a non-profit micro loan program, through which qualified individuals are able to access financial support and training. Earlier this year, our local partners approved the distribution of loans to four individuals. Ranging from $300 - $450, these funds will help these individuals to sustain and grow their businesses.

After hearing about the impact that Celebrate Recovery was having in our own congregation, Carl and Maya wanted to explore the possibility of launching the program in Port-au-Prince. After a successful fundraising campaign last Christmas, we were able to provide the start-up funding for CR.

Currently in the planning stages, training through Community Health Evangelism (CHE) is scheduled to take place later this year. CHE is a program that unifies ministry and discipleship with community health and development.

We look forward to sharing updates and progress regarding each of these initiatives over the coming months.