The boat was delivered!

A day at work took a slight twist at Deep Water church on Monday November 6, when the leadership team walked down the steps with a canoe full of hats and mitts. The boat was loaded down and overflowing as the staff carried it out of the church. They proceeded to carry the boatload of warmth to Joseph Howe Elementary School. image5



A month ago Deep Water Church set a goal to collect 217 hats and mitts. The final count of donations totalled 378 hats, 322 mitts, 50 scarves and 31 ball caps. This far exceeded the original goal!

The generosity of the church was much appreciated at the North End School. The school tweeted out a picture of the drop off and a "Thanks a bunch" to Deep Water, and this was retweeted by the Halifax Regional School Board who wrote "Our schools have wonderful community partners!"

Deep Water staff had sorted the hats and mittens into bags according to size to make it easier for kids to find what they needed. When one of the teachers saw the bag of brand new ball caps she exclaimed "Oooooh, you do not know what you've started.  The older boys are going to LOVE these." The plan was mostly likely to hide these away to use as prizes throughout the year.