Our work in Haiti


As part of Deep Water’s Reach Out initiative, this past November we were able to provide funding for Pastor Jeannot and a colleague to attend a Leadership Summit in Haiti. He recently sent us this encouraging letter in response to his experience: I am happy to send you this note today to once again thank you and your church for your collaboration with the Wesleyan church of Haiti, Petion Ville. God has made it possible for the two churches to do ministries together and it is a blessing to us. Recently, Pastor Myrtha, a young leader at the church, and I had the opportunity to attend the Leadership summit in Haiti and it was a good occasion for us to reflect on our leadership style and practices with many other local leaders.

The presentations were very instructive and impactful. Actually, there was a special presentation (in person) by a Haitian author named Daniel Jean Louis who wrote a book called "From Aide to Trade" and that was just the cream of the crop. He really motivated us to work together as the church and Christian leaders to prepare the minds of our fellows to produce as much as possible, because without production there cannot be development. I am sure that these presentations will have a good impact on our church in return.

I want to thank your church leaders for their partnership and I pray that this will grow more and more each day. Along with this great news, Reach Out has sent additional funding to the scholarship program at Petion Ville Wesleyan which will go towards helping three students who are undertaking translation studies (French to English) as well as continued support for Weline during her medical training.