In Cahoots

As members of the professional, academic, social, or online world, most of us are intimately familiar with the feeling of competition. Whether we recognize it in a moment or not, the “me vs her” or “us vs them” mentality can easily creep into relationships if left unchecked. If you’ve grown up in church, you may have your own story of a time when you’ve seen this ugly beast rear its head within the body of Christ. Deep Water is committed to swimming against this current, and we are passionate about working with other churches and supporting them as they help more people find their way to Jesus. As Pastor AJ said in a sermon earlier this year, “We’re not in competition, we’re in cahoots.”.

Groundswell is a new church plant in Colchester County that is dedicated to fighting against this same pressure. Their website states, “So many people feel like life, God, or even church is against them. We want them to know that there is a place that is for them.” As a church, Deep Water is thrilled to be able to support Groundswell through our ReachOut initiative. Led by pastor Tammy Giffen, they had their official kick-off on September 16 at the Cineplex movie theatre (sound familiar?!). With 200 people in attendance, it was a wildly successful first week, and we hope to see them grow and thrive as they serve the people in their community.

Groundswell is a no-pressure space and atmosphere, where people are encouraged to come as they are and free to explore faith at their own pace. They are a church for both the seasoned believer and the unchurched. Children are welcome to attend, and they have full children’s programs for kids from birth to grade 5. As a church, let’s come together and pray for the success of our brothers and sisters as they embark on this new journey. Let’s pray for Jesus to work through them to transform lives, families, and  communities. 

We’re in your corner Groundswell!