Come Play (And Connect)

Come Play is a free, semi-structured play group that offers a fun, interactive environment for caregivers and children 0-5. The group meets Friday mornings at Deep Water Church and has been averaging around forty people. A number of those who attend are unchurched or new to Deep Water. 

We believe in the healthy and positive growth of children, and we engage with them through fun playtime, creative crafts and meaningful stories. Funds from Reach Out provide refreshments and snacks for caregivers and children and enable this weekly event to be free of charge. In addition, funds ensure a colourful variety of programming. This has included craft instructors and materials, balloon art, Easter activities, and Christmas items for caregivers and children.

Come Play helps to forge and strengthen relationships among caregivers from all different walks of life, many of them unfamiliar with the Christian faith and otherwise unlikely to engage with Deep Water. Some unchurched caregivers that began coming to Come Play are now attending worship gatherings at Deep Water. Others who began attending are now volunteering in order to help make Come Play even more effective. Come Play will be entering it's fourth year and continues to provide a warm, open environment for community members and others to engage with Deep Water. 

This year we will be offering a quarterly small group for caregivers to support and encourage each other in our roles as parents, as well engage with scriptural truths. This would be at time without children. Topics of meetings would health, parenting, crafting, giving back to community, etc. 

Join us with your kids and invite others to our kick off Friday Sept 21 at 10 AM!