Serving in Our Own Backyard


Deep Water’s ReachOut initiative supports churches, ministries, and individuals literally all over the world- from Northern Canada to Haiti, Nicaragua, Mongolia… the list goes on. But we are also committed to serving right here at home. Last week we did just that when we served the kids at Joe Howe Elementary, a school literally a stone’s throw from our front step.

Joe Howe is home to 265 students and 50 staff and volunteers. This includes a group of twelfth grade youth from a Christian school that come every year for a week. The school is located in one of the most low-income areas in the city, and many of the children attending come from refugee families. It is our mission through our partnership with Joe Howe to serve these kids and the staff from the school. To let them know that they are seen, valued, and loved. So last week a team of over 25 volunteers showed up at the school armed with all the fixin’s! They cooked over 500 hotdogs and served over 300 people, and just made the day a great one for everyone involved. 

Without the generous gift of finances, time, energy, and prayer from the congregation at Deep Water, these types of events would not be possible. A big thank you goes out to all who sacrificed for the sake of these kids, you really do make a difference!