GymPact for Our Youth


Youth Unlimited is a multi-faceted organization that started up about two years ago in Lower Sackville. It operates under the parent ministry, Youth For Christ, which is actively involved in over 100 countries around the world (more on the global organization here: The new Nova Scotia chapter is led by Mark Baker and includes programs like a drop-in centre for youth, basketball clubs, a drama group, youth Alpha, and one-on-one mentorship between youth and Youth Unlimited’s team of dedicated volunteers.

Last month, Youth Unlimited launched a new program called GymPact. These were pep-rally type events that they were able to bring to the public school system, a challenge for any faith-based organization. They started with one of the highest-needs junior high schools in the area and ran three sessions in the span of a week, one for each grade. The reception from students and staff was overwhelmingly positive and has already opened doors to more events at more schools! Youth Unlimited leadership and volunteers will continue to run GymPact in the coming school year, and branch out to bring them to even more junior high schools. They even have an opportunity to plug into one of the biggest high schools around in a new and exciting way, so stay tuned for updates on that! These programs work to make connections, find leaders from amongst the students, and build into their lives to help them develop leadership skills. They will also increase Youth Unlimited’s influence and visibility in the community, and can help direct the kids to their other programs, such as youth Alpha. Deep Water was an integral part of funding and supporting GymPact financially and prayerfully, and a big thank you goes out to the congregation for helping to bring more troubled, unchurched, and seeking youth into a community of love and support.