Our work in Haiti


As part of Deep Water’s Reach Out initiative, this past November we were able to provide funding for Pastor Jeannot and a colleague to attend a Leadership Summit in Haiti. He recently sent us this encouraging letter in response to his experience: I am happy to send you this note today to once again thank you and your church for your collaboration with the Wesleyan church of Haiti, Petion Ville. God has made it possible for the two churches to do ministries together and it is a blessing to us. Recently, Pastor Myrtha, a young leader at the church, and I had the opportunity to attend the Leadership summit in Haiti and it was a good occasion for us to reflect on our leadership style and practices with many other local leaders.

The presentations were very instructive and impactful. Actually, there was a special presentation (in person) by a Haitian author named Daniel Jean Louis who wrote a book called "From Aide to Trade" and that was just the cream of the crop. He really motivated us to work together as the church and Christian leaders to prepare the minds of our fellows to produce as much as possible, because without production there cannot be development. I am sure that these presentations will have a good impact on our church in return.

I want to thank your church leaders for their partnership and I pray that this will grow more and more each day. Along with this great news, Reach Out has sent additional funding to the scholarship program at Petion Ville Wesleyan which will go towards helping three students who are undertaking translation studies (French to English) as well as continued support for Weline during her medical training.

A letter of thanks


As part of the LuvHaiti initiative at Deep Water Church, we have been working with our partner church of Petion Ville Wesleyan in Port-au-Prince to fund a scholarship program for post-secondary students. For the past three years, Weline has been one such student. She is entering her third year and final year of nursing studies which will be covered by funding from ReachOut. Weline sent the following letter of thanks to Deep Water: I greet you in the precious name of Jesus while hoping that you and your family members are doing well. I want to thank God first then you and Pastor Jeannot for your support. To be sincere, I want you to know how much I am grateful to you because it is not easy to find people like you in this world with such a loving heart and ready to help others. Therefore, I want to express my gratitude because your support means a lot to me and that has put joy in my heart.

During my first year of nursing I learned to do a lot of things like: giving immunization shots, doing blood tests, checking the heart beating, giving medicine to the patients or sick people, and I also spent a few months as an intern in a hospital. 

During my second year, I was to move to a different school to comply with the Haitian government policies. I felt more comfortable in that second school. I did well in all the classes and learned many other things like giving injections; preparing medicine or solution, checking the vital signs of the body. I also spent many months in a hospital for internship reasons in these services: ophthalmology, odontology, laboratory, general care; I learned many things through practice or experiment.

As of this October, I am going to start with my third year and I do thank you for the continuation of your assistance. During my first year, I received about $500 and during the second year I received $800 and I think I will need almost that same amount or more for the third year as each year the school becomes more expensive.

To finish, I want to count on you as I hope that you will find and read this letter. Please receive my warmest and best affection.


This year, along with Weline, two other students have received a scholarship to help them pursue their educational goals.

This is luvHaiti

Carl & Maya

Since launching in 2009, luvHaiti has been a focal point of Deep Water’s international outreach. Through our partnerships with local missionaries, Carl & Maya Giles, as well as Pastor Jeannot, Deep Water continues to fund and support five initiatives; each with the intent of building local capacity and spreading the gospel.                                                           

Equip Haiti provides training to young leaders; empowering them to be effective in their area of ministry, communities and personal relationships.

Petion Ville Wesleyan Scholarship Program awards funding to post-secondary students who are active in their church community and require financial support to continue their technical training.

The luvHaiti MicroBank is a non-profit micro loan program, through which qualified individuals are able to access financial support and training. Earlier this year, our local partners approved the distribution of loans to four individuals. Ranging from $300 - $450, these funds will help these individuals to sustain and grow their businesses.

After hearing about the impact that Celebrate Recovery was having in our own congregation, Carl and Maya wanted to explore the possibility of launching the program in Port-au-Prince. After a successful fundraising campaign last Christmas, we were able to provide the start-up funding for CR.

Currently in the planning stages, training through Community Health Evangelism (CHE) is scheduled to take place later this year. CHE is a program that unifies ministry and discipleship with community health and development.

We look forward to sharing updates and progress regarding each of these initiatives over the coming months.