Deep Water Membership Renewal

In renewing my membership at Deep Water Church, I reaffirm that:

  • I confess my faith in Jesus Christ.  This has been evidenced by an inner witness of new birth through the Holy Spirit, and I am committed to pursue holiness in all things.
  • I have received the sacrament of Christian Baptism.
  • I have been instructed in, accept, and commit to abide by the Articles of Religion and the Elementary Principles, and to submit to the authority of the Wesleyan Church in matters of church government.
  • I commit to live out the mission and vision of the Wesleyan Church and Deep Water through a discipling relationship within Deep Water.

I reaffirm my commitment to:

  • Regular Attendance - I make every effort to participate in a worship gathering at Deep Water each week.
  • Relational Connection - I regularly engage in Biblical community with my brothers and sisters from Deep Water.
  • Reflective Giving - I give of my finances to God through Deep Water sacrificially, consistently and in proportion to my income.
  • Responsible Ministry - I consistently serve on a ministry team at Deep Water.
  • Requested Accountability - I invite the Pastoral Staff and Leadership Team to hold me accountable to these conditions and commitments.
I confirm that I have faithfully fulfilled these commitments over the past year:
OR I confess that I have struggled in the following areas and am requesting help and committing to move forward in:
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