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 at 9.30 and11.00am

Upstream is our Sunday morning program for kids from pre-primary to Grade 6.  In Upstream, our passion is teaching kids about Jesus in a way that's fun, engaging and relevant.  Our goal is to partner with families as they help their children to know, love, and follow Jesus.

Safety is our top priority.  All volunteers have gone through an application process which includes police background checks.  In Upstream we are blessed with an absolutely amazing team of volunteers who love kids and love Jesus and who work hard to help kids learn and grow in their faith.  We also offer an electronic check-in system complete with allergy awareness stickers, if needed, and parent call numbers.

Upstream begins each Sunday morning with Large Group worship time.  Once the music ends and the Waders are dismissed to their class, the 'big kids' get to participate in an engaging, interactive lesson - complete with skits, media, puppets and other antics.  No boredom here!  After the lesson, the kids take part in Small Group time with kids in their age group and enjoy games, activities, and a delicious snack.

Our small groups are age-based as follows:

The Cove 1 - grades 1 and 2

The Cove 2 - grades 3 and 4

Pier 56 - grades 5 and 6

For more information on Upstream or to get involved, email!

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