what to expect:

Deep Water is fun, relaxed, and passionate.  People are here because they want to be.  They are in different places on their spiritual journey.  Some have been following Jesus for years and some aren't sure what they think of him.  For several, this is their first time ever at Deep Water; maybe even their first time at church.

what not to expect

We think going to church should be fun, engaging, and useful. We think making Jesus boring is a sin. We work hard to make sure things are clear and understandable, and we do our very best to make Sunday mornings at Deep Water a great experience.

Sometimes some folks will stand when we sing. Some people will close their eyes if someone is praying, but there's no right or wrong thing to do. If you want to get into it, cool. If you want to just sit back and relax, great. Just do whatever you're comfortable doing!

Sunday Best
We're not really a “get all dressed up and go to church” sort of crowd. Some folks will be rocking their business casual, but most of us will just be in jeans and t-shirts. Just wear whatever you're comfortable in-- everyone else does!

We want to give you space to just check stuff out. We won’t ask you for money, push you to do or say anything, or point you out as a new person. We will be friendly, open, and glad to meet you.

Perfect People
Jesus is helping us to become more like Him, but we aren’t there yet. We have flaws and issues, and we readily admit it.

To Be the Only First-Timer
We get lots of first-time attendees at Deep Water, and we love to have them. We've structured things to make checking Deep Water out as easy as possible.